So You Want To Up Your Greeting Card Game?

Hallmark just isn't CUTTING it anymore. 

At this point, everyone has had at least a handful of encounters at the card section in a local drugstore. An occasion is approaching, and you want a clever greeting card to reflect your personality. It's a challenge, but Robyn Mendolla, founder of Greeving Cards, figured out a simple way to convey our candid (and sometimes not-so-appropriate) thoughts with a collection of greeting cards for quite literally any occasion or reason you could think of. From birthdays to anniversaries, holidays to get-well-soons, Greeving Cards' simple design paired with their witty and utterly honest messages will leave your loved ones without a sufficient clap back. Your card game is about to level up. 

Here are some stand-outs that are just too relatable. 

An apology card.


A "one size fits all" situation. Let the person you care about know that you kind of care about why they're hurt. 

An 'I Love You' Card


This would work perfectly for people who have restraining orders against them. Or just a crush.

'I Like You' CarD


For your best friends who always cross the line, but it's okay because you're "just that close." 

An Honest Birthday Card


They probably didn't need the sugar anyway, you did them a favor. 

'Congrats on the Baby' Card


There's nothing like a new infant to make sure you never see your friends again. New life is wonderful; a deteriorating social life is not.