Instagram's Beauties Speak Up on The Plastic Surgery Phenomenon in Los Angeles


Thanks to Instagram, it's no secret that plastic surgery is more "in" than black right now. With the popularity of shows like Botched, along with the proliferation of Instagram posts from Dr. Simon Ourian, Dr. Lief Rogers, Dr. Ben Talei, Dr. Garth Fisher, et al., it's hard not to get the point: We can improve nearly anything cosmetically.

So, we asked some notable women who have garnered attention on social media for their beauty and physique.

What do you think about the plastic surgery phenomenon?

Here's what they had to say:

Gabby Epstein

"Anyone should be able to do anything they want—if it makes them feel good—but it's the younger girls I'm worried about.

I think women should be aware of the psychological effects of getting surgery at a young age, and it's the responsibility of the medical world to give them a warning before they proceed with anything invasive.

I have two younger sisters, so I'm always worried about younger girls developing body dysmorphic disorder, or any type of insecurity for that matter."

Asifa Mirza

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"The number one thing you should work on is your emotional state of mind, and once that's strong, if there are other physical attributes that you want to improve, then I’m all for it.

Healthy people don't use plastic surgery to be accepted.

They just use it to enhance what they already have. Unhealthy people who use it as a solution to their life problems should know its not going to solve their problems."

Amanda Lee

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"I believe anyone should be able to do anything to their own body, especially if it makes them feel more confident!

My only concern is that some girls believe changing their looks will lead to happiness, and many times it doesn't work that way.

Results often turn out differently from how you expected or can leave you trading one insecurity for another. At the end of the day, it is much healthier to seek happiness and confidence in other ways, and to love your body despite its perceived flaws!"

Zohra Sadat

"If you're really insecure about something and plastic surgery will truly make you happy, then go for it.

I've been trying to convince my husband to let me get a nose job for years (an insecurity I've had since childhood), but he's so against it. 

Plastic surgery goes a little too far when people obsess over looking like someone else and they become unrecognizable."