The Dreamy World of Karraminah Del Rosario, Modern-Day Princess

Photos by  Dara Danenberg .

Photos by Dara Danenberg.

Sometimes I question if she's a real human or just an equal mix of a Bratz doll and the DNA of Cassie. She can go hiking in 4-inch heels without breaking a sweat. Her sizzle-reel would include clips from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette to the tune of a Diplo remix. Not to mention she bewitches every human man and woman to encounter her, in person or online. But what you and I don't instantly get about Karraminah Clarisse Del Rosario (or @kcdelro as you might know her) is that she operates on another stratosphere, and you can't try to define who or what she is. 

Between hopping over the Atlantic from New York to London and gallivanting in her native Manila, KC caught up with her old friends at Beyond The Interview to offer a glimpse into her private life.

BTI: Tell me about your long-love for video editing.

KC: Come to think of it, I was editing clips of my life into a 3-minute video back when Facebook first came out. I'm glad we have Stories on Instagram now. You'll always catch me taking videos over photographs, even if someone asks me to take their picture. I'll be like, "wait, look how nice this looks (on video)." I like the depth of editing/creating a video. I like that I get to create an experience, from my mind, to share with other people—adding sound and movement and more emotion. I eventually want to get into filmmaking in Los Angeles. 

BTI: So you might move back to L.A. this year to pursue film. What is it about L.A. that attracts you, besides the movie business?

KC: All of the creative people I've met throughout the years are from L.A. (if not London). The vibe is everything. It fits my personality and everyone is so open-minded, which is what I grew up around. The people in Manila are lovely, but they tend to be very fixed with their beliefs in religion and politics. And the art scene is just not as diverse compared to L.A. 


BTI: What role does the fashion industry play in your life?

KC: When there are good offers on random different shoots for magazine features—brands or designers that I love, that want to work together—I'm always willing to take it. I'm happy to have met all these people [in fashion], who are so talented and have such an incredible vision, who I probably would've never met if the scene in Manila wasn't as small as it is. Shopping is a NECESSITY, and it's a shame that the shopping in Manila isn’t something I'd recommend to my friends overseas. Although there are a few independent labels that I’ve had my eye on recently. Designing is something I pursued straight after high school, at Raffles Design Institute and Central Saint Martins, but I ended up losing my passion for it. I plan to eventually get back to designing after I hit 26. We'll see. 

BTI: I have vivid memories of you sitting on the counter with your feet in the sink, face inches away from the mirror, artfully applying makeup. What's your beauty routine these days?

KC: I'm obsessed with Korean skin care. My favorite is Atonamy and Innisfree. I love La Mer and Kiehl's serums. I recently purchased a jade roller that I leave in the freezer and use on my face every morning. It reduces puffiness and adds color to my face. I've also been using Laura Mercier primer, tinted moisturizer, and powder. I use Anastasia for my brows and highlight. Then it's MAC mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick


BTI: Honestly—and I think most of your friends would agree with this—I've never met anyone more chill and go-with-the-flow than you. What's your secret, and does it require a prescription?

KC: I've been in a bad place early on, and I've learned to control my thoughts and emotions. It's been a process. No prescription. I've actually recently downloaded a meditation app called Calm, too. 

BTI: You're close with your family. Tell me about your relationship with them.

KC: We're constantly keeping ourselves updated via group chat. It helps that we're all very techy. Whenever we're together, it doesn't take much for us to have a good time because we're so used to being apart yet we catch up quick. My sisters and I are extremely different, personality-wise, but we equally share a love for fashion, art, and film. My mum has actually started a media company in L.A., too. I look up to all of them so much. 


BTI: In our photo shoot, you pair Cartier diamonds with Jeffrey Campbell heels. What's one combination of high-meets-low that you can't get enough of?

BTI: It doesn't have to cost much for me to like something because I find beauty in unconventional things. I especially love a good thrift. 

BTI: Alternatively, what's your most prized possession?

KC: A Cartier watch I've had since I was 6 (Yes, I have insanely small wrists). 


BTI: What are you listening to right now?

KC: Follow my playlists on Spotify! Karraminah Del Rosario

BTI: What're you watching?

KC: Black Mirror—Apart from Vogue videos, TED Talks, and 90s sitcoms. 

BTI: Which artists are you obsessed with?

KC: Matisse, Basquiat, and Dali forever. My dad has a Picasso and a Warhol—I've always admired his taste. 

BTI: What's a cause near to your heart?

KC: What happened in Marawi last year was heartbreaking. I'm currently planning a charity foundation to help the people in Manila (and hopefully as many possible locations) with more efficient ways in preventing and dealing with the annual typhoons in the Philippines before it hits this season around July, August, and September. 

BTI: What's one thing people often assume about you that couldn't be further from the truth?

KC: Probably that I'm shallow. That whatever you see on social media is all there is. My friends know that I show about 3 percent or less of who I truly am on my Instagram. It's a shame what people will say just to have something to talk about to those who wonder. 

Photos by Dara Danenberg.

Photos by Dara Danenberg.