Instagram Handle of The Week: @dailyoverview

Welcome to Beyond The Interview's latest series devoted to putting you on game to the best Instagram accounts you needed to be following, like, yesterday.

Looking to gain a little bit of perspective amidst the endless rush of the work week, or take a mini-vacation through your Instagram feed? @dailyoverview is your next getaway (if only for a minute or two) , so enjoy the view.

Daily Overview posts stunning panoramas of cityscapes to coastlines, emphasizing the natural colors that occur when different structures or natural forces meet. Most stunning of all, though, is the account’s use of perspective—every photo is taken from an extreme bird’s-eye view, laying out the architectural beauty of the earth as seen from above. 

The photography-based account has been able to carve out a niche on a social media site already laden with gorgeous photos of nature, transporting their followers far away from where they are and into the stratosphere. So, during your next social media binge, see if @dailyoverview can’t help you to zone (and zoom) all the way out.