These Wholesome Comics Are The Antidote To Your News Cycle

Everybody needs a little wholesome content and quality time in their life. For me, that used to mean spending time curled up in bed (#selfcare) with my two cats; however, one of the trials of living in an apartment is the strict no-pets policy. So, to recapture that feeling of being utterly at home, I tend to turn to @lucyknisely.

Lucy is an author and illustrator, and posts illustrations based on her daily life, especially focused on her family and adorable cat, Linney, which remind me of modern-day Garfield comics.

Her cartoons feel akin to getting a text from a close friend, or seeing your pet at the end of the day—it’s an uplifting moment that you probably didn’t even realize you needed, and will bring you a moment of joy no matter what the rest of the day might have held (good or bad). In short: Lucy can gift you a small moment of happiness every time you refresh your Insta. Whether you happen to be a cat person or dog person, on top of the world or a little stressed, whether your feed is beautifully curated or a bit of a mess—wherever you’re at, Lucy’s drawings and comics can meet you there and make you smile.