Going Beyond The Body With Celebrity Trainer Amanda Lee


Celebrity trainer and fitness personality Amanda Lee sat down with Beyond The Interview last night for her first public Q-and-A to address the most pressing health and wellness questions facing young women today.

The event was a rare glimpse into Amanda’s personal life, as well, where she revealed who takes most of her Instagram pictures (her mom), the best legging brands that show off your backside (Beyond Yoga), and her own workout habits (she focuses almost exclusively on weight training).

Maybe most surprising was Amanda’s revelation that she loses an average of 70,000 followers every time she posts a picture in which she’s not wearing a bikini.

“I used to be worried about losing followers. I was only going to post what appealed to people, and then I just got to a place where I realized you kind of just have to be yourself,” Amanda said. “You have to post what you feel is authentic to you, what you like, and if you lose followers, you lose followers.”

Today, she boasts 12.2 million followers.


The fitness personality also disclosed her most frequently DM’d questions.

“Other than fitness advice I do get a lot of boob questions,” she said. “Obviously, I did get my boobs done. My followers usually ask: ‘Did you get your boobs done? What size? What doctor?’ They like hearing that advice. And the most frequent fitness advice I get is how to build a booty.”

She maintains that being consistent with the fundamental lower body workouts we hear about all the time—squats, leg presses, deadlifts, lunges—are what’s going to build the butt.

“Consistency is really the most important thing when it comes to fitness,” she said.

And yes, the booty has garnered a lot of attention, especially from the opposite sex. Currently single, Amanda clarified that a laissez-faire attitude isn’t what she’s looking for when it comes to relationships.

“I’ve just always been more attracted to guys who have been very open, very forward, very aggressive,” Amanda said. “That’s a turn on to me. I want someone who’s going to be obsessed with me. I think it’s a combination of confidence and an aggressive personality. You know what you want, and I like that.”

From left, Mariella Rudi, Rachel McCord, Amanda Lee, Nicole Behnam, and Quentin Esme Brown.

From left, Mariella Rudi, Rachel McCord, Amanda Lee, Nicole Behnam, and Quentin Esme Brown.

Form followed function with femininity playing a central role in the night’s theme. Beyond The Palette’s grand design was in full-force as host Quentin Esme Brown used fall motifs and holiday trimmings to kick off the season. Vintage Parisian furniture served as the focal point for the sit-down conversation in a subtle nod to salonnieres of the modern French salon, while the Penguin Books wallpaper acted as a convenient backdrop for a night of social education.


A major shout out goes to our sponsors who kept us hydrated, eating good, and maybe a little buzzed. Thrive Market stood by the theme of well-being alive with their clean, organic snacks and small bites. Bottles of Winc poured from glass to glass as the evening got ahead. Pressed Juicery, a classic Los Angeles staple, was a fan favorite, and Sad Water gave us a good laugh with our H2O. MedMen outfitted our guests with gear and discounts to enjoy the next 4:20 p.m., while Baby Bea’s Bakeshop provided the cheat-day approved munchies.

The next Beyond The Interview event is slated for January. Stay in the know and join our meet-ups list to get invited in the new year.

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