Instagram Handle of The Week: @honestcouple

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What if people shared the truth about their relationships on Instagram?

Your relationship is amazing and you’re so in love and it’s effortless. We know. We’re not buying it. It’s true that everyone on social media is only sharing the best parts of their lives; vacations, huge accomplishments, trendy meals, and the least-believable part, their “perfect” relationships. Beautiful pictures of couples are often matched with cringe-worthy captions about how in love with each other the two are, which leads many people to feel envious and even hopeless. But behind every picture, there’s another story that none of us will ever hear about.

Enter @honestcouple, a parody account that gets permission from seemingly happy couples to showcase their pictures, and then writes fake, hilarious, and sometimes dark captions, pretending to be one of the not-so-lucky persons in the pair. Cheating, falling out of love, settling, you name it: @honestcouple wins at revealing the problems that most couples do experience, but never ever speak of or post about. If you haven’t already, give them a follow. Or if you’re brave enough, send them a happy picture of you and your beau.

She thinks I’m going to propose while we are here. She is woefully mistaken.

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I’m having an affair while he’s overseas

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