Instagram Handle Of The Week: @monachalabi

Welcome to Beyond The Interview's latest series devoted to putting you on game to the best Instagram accounts you needed to be following, like, yesterday.

Data is notoriously left-brain labor. Bar graphs, Venn diagrams, and timelines are often paired with pedantic research studies that are too difficult to interpret, and certainly not pleasing to eye. @monachalabi is changing all of that.

Mona Chalabi is a data journalist for The Guardian who totally reimagining how we consume data. Her illustrations play on traditional graphs and charts and include information about AIDS deaths in the U.S., the number of immigrant children being detained in U.S. facilities, and average voter wait times. Her colorful yet practical illustrations make the most challenging information absorbable to the average scroller, while keeping our timelines visually interesting to look at (sorry, Kourtney).

Mona uses art to makes facts and figures more comprehensible, completely destroying the expectation that only Harvard-graduated politicians can understand national statistics. @monachalabi is the most essential Insta account for 2019, a year when being informed is absolutely crucial. Left-brainers and right-brainers, unite!