Major Networks Rejected Him—Now He Holds The #1 Comedy Album

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Major networks are probably regretting their decision to pass on comedian Andrew Schulz. After just one day, his debut comedy album "5:5:1" ranked number one on the iTunes comedy album charts. After one week, his album earned the number one spot on Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon.

And today? He's number one on the Billboard charts.

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Known for his politically incorrect comedy, Andrew was rejected by every single major network when he pitched them his comedy special. Without their help, his album became number one on the iTunes Charts, surpassing Kevin Hart, Bill Burr, Jim Gaffigan, Daniel Tosh, and many other comedians. 

"Thank you to everyone that [sic] listening to 551. Still #1 in the world!!! Let’s keep it going," Andrew said in an Instagram post. 

With bits titled "Mexican Jobs" and "Thumb in Butts," Andrew is not afraid to talk about what everyone else wants to avoid, even on a daily basis. 

His fans rave about his "Question of the Day," a daily Instagram post where he give his two cents on a variety of taboo topics.

"Give me the people over the industry in a fucking heartbeat," Andrew told BTI in March. "People give you a career. The industry only gives you moments."

True to form, Andrew released his first comedy special on his own. "4:4:1", a 15-minute look into the life of a stand-up comic in New York City, was released last September on YouTube where it has now accrued over 600k views.

The former "Guy Code" star hosts three podcasts, which have hundreds of thousands of listeners. Brilliant idiots, a podcast that covers the major issues of the week with Charlmagne Tha God and has 325k listeners. Flagrant 2, a roundtable style podcast about sports featuring Andrew, Akaash Singh and Kazeem Famuyide, has 75k listeners. WesterBros has 30k, a podcast about the favorite TV shows and movies of Andrew and his pals. 

Without the financial or strategic support of an established network, Andrew used social media to popularize his comedy. His stand-up clips on YouTube (arguably the foundation of his success) now have over six million combined views. Andrew posts a new stand-up routine to the channel every Sunday, a tradition named "Stand-Up Sundays." These weekly posts were inspired by the artist Russ, Andrew told BTI.

"He was trying to make it in the industry and nobody would give him a shot, so he mixed, mastered, and wrote his own songs and put one song out a week for like a year, until it finally started to catch on," Andrew said.

In addition to touring the country, documenting his comedy, and recording his podcasts, Andrew now works with videographers in different states to create custom vlogs for his growing fan base.

Not one to slow down, Andrew is starring in the new Halloween sequel due out October 19. He is also on tour until October.