Instagram Handle of The Week: @joellehyman

In the age of social media, your online presence dictates who you are to the outer world. Self-expression is often chalked up to an aesthetic portrayed online; it draws a roadmap on how to define oneself, and others. Within this world, Instagram prevails as the ringmaster of all things aesthetic. The notion of an Instagram “flow” has become increasingly prevalent over the last couple years. Millennials and Gen Z’s have crafted this term and given it life. Here, we can apply the Gestalt theory: the entirety of an Instagram page is greater than the sum of its posts.

Here at Beyond The Interview, we’re big fans of a strong aesthetic, and one of our favorite vibe-y accounts comes by way of @joellehyman. As associate visuals editor of Allure and Glossier stan, Joelle’s fashion and beauty chops play a big part in her palette. Scroll through her page and you’re screen is colored with pastels and soft tones. She posts mainly about makeup and skincare, throwing in an effortlessly beautiful selfie or two. Her eye for creating a visually enticing page is clearly tethered to her career as a visual editor. Posts act as magazine pages, eschewing the typical product flat-lay and playing on product and packaging close-ups—sometimes you don’t even know what you’re looking at until you see the tag. Simply put, her posts have an ethereal, almost-magic-like quality to them. “Dreamy” might be the word I’m looking for. So, if you’re looking to up your Instagram game or keep abreast of the latest and trendiest skincare and makeup on the market, go ahead and give @joellehyman a follow.