Miley Cyrus Is Coming, And So Are We

“I'm nasty, I'm evil / Must be something in the water or that I'm my mother's daughter.” These lyrics pulsate throughout the infectious chorus of “Mother’s Daughter,” a single off of Miley Cyrus’s new six-song EP, appropriately-titled, “She Is Coming.” Sexuality and liberation ooze off every corner. She is a nasty woman—hear her roar.

The first EP of a a trilogy scheduled for release this summer, “She Is Coming” marks a sonic shift in Miley’s career and carries a resounding message that she is done being ridiculed. She’s not just Miley being Miley. “She Is Coming” is raunchy and sexy as it is vulnerable. Tracks like “Mother’s Daughter” and “Unholy” are a rallying cry for sexuality and femininity. She challenges the Madonna-Whore complex still rearing its ugly, patriarchal head and makes it clear, as ever, that you can’t put Miley in a box. With six songs, “She Is Coming” is just a taste of what to can expect this summer from the former Disney Channel star-turned pop sensation.

In the last few years, Miley has made clear the role she plays above all else: advocate. The timing ofShe Is Coming” coincides with the early abortion bans spreading like wildfire across the country. Miley is openly pro-abortion rights, and her album screams that female sexuality is rooted in choice and freedom, not oppression and abuse. With her songs, the pop star sets a precedent for females around the globe to use their voice for the voiceless. If Miley is coming, so are we.