A Mini Skincare Fridge Is The Latest Deskside Accessory

If we’re to glean anything from @beyondthedesktop, it’s that organization boosts productivity.

Now that it’s 2019 and our homes are perfectly Marie Kondo-ed, it’s time that our vanities are spruced up, too. Enter Cooluli: the latest brand marketing mini fridges meant hold all kinds of products like skincare, breast milk, medicine and food alike.

Cooluli’s fridges come expertly packaged with two cords—including AC, DC, and USB power cords—to plug into any outlet. The fridges fit into a variety of spaces from bathroom counters, bedroom side tables, and even your vehicle. Plus, their systems come equipped with both a cooling and a warming option (hello warm face masks).

For the stereotypical “lazy” 20-something, the Cooluli fridge can save you a trip to your kitchen in the middle of the night. Who wants refrigerated Reese’s right next to their bed at 4 a.m.? WE DO.

The Classic 10 Liter Mini Fridge fits in a vehicle with ease and is perfect for road trips, allowing for meal prep on the go to be a synch.

The Classic 10 Liter Mini Fridge. Photo Courtesy of Cooluli.

The Classic 10 Liter Mini Fridge. Photo Courtesy of Cooluli.

But really, what are the benefits of keeping your skincare in a fridge? Of course, the feeling of cold creams and oils feels amazing on your skin, but it has been shown to extend the life of your favorite skincare products as well.

Interestingly enough, this idea of keeping your skincare cool isn’t new. It’s quite common to keep your acne products in a fridge to prevent chemical breakdown.

Refrigerating your favorite products, especially ones with de-puffing qualities, is beneficial as the cool temperature restricts blood vessels, instantly reducing puffiness and redness. Some common and recommended skincare products to keep in your new mini-fridge include: eye/face creams, clay-based products, face masks and itching creams.

Fascinated by Cooluli founder Avi Kraminer and curious about the brand’s backstory and what lies ahead, we reached out to Kraminer to hear about Cooluli straight from the source.

“I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and started traveling at the age of 16 because I had an interest in exploring other cultures and languages. During one of my travels to China, I was introduced to Peltier thermal-cooling technology. I started to research thermal-cooling and how to best integrate this technology into our daily lifestyle.

We started working with a factory to produce our first Classic 4L Mini Fridge, which has since become a sensation. We have since been coming out with our newer models, that have grown in popularity, as well.

My journey has been spending a lot of time with our creative team and traveling in the far East to come out with new products and working to bring it to market.

Here at Cooluli, we use only quality components that would give maximum efficiency with low-energy use and a silent, friendly experience. Our trendy designs fit into every lifestyle.

The future is to continuously develop new applications for users to enjoy thermal-electric efficiency.

We are currently working on a liquid-based Peltier cooling system, to maximize the thermal-cooling efficiency. This will allow people to use it in many other thermal-cooling based products, which will help our units get close to real freezer temperatures, at 0°F.”